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AnyProtect is the ultimate online backup solution. Get a complete computer scan and use our Risk Index™ chart to see exactly what you have at stake.

Back up any file you want, enjoy unlimited storage and get automatic protection.

Never worry about losing another document, photo or precious memory ever again!

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AnyProtect Risk Index™

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Personal Files
Watch as the Risk Index™ shocks you with just how many personal files you have at risk. This is everything that you are leaving vulnerable on a daily basis!
Data Size
Not-So-Fun-Fact: The more data you have the more painful the crash. Trust us, this hurts a lot, especially when you have hundreds of photos at stake.
System Age
Ready for a heartbreaking reality? The older your computer, the greater the risk. Your system’s age not only affects how smoothly your machine runs, but also the likelihood of serious damage.
Data Age
Older isn’t always wiser: The older your files, the less likely you'll be able to replace them. Yep, that’s last year’s vacation photos, all your financials from 2010… gone.
System Stability
How is your computer *really* running? Use the Risk Index™ to assess your system's efficiency with a stability scan.

No one is safe from computer failures.
But we can give you the protection you need.

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They Really Love Us

I'm so happy to be covered by AnyProtect! I almost lost everything, and I mean EVERYTHING when my hard drive crashed. AnyProtect really came to the rescue- I simply went into my account and put everything back onto my new PC. Now it’s like nothing ever happened!

Martin, Project Manager

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Why AnyProtect

AnyProtect was founded with the guiding principle that online backup should be made easy and accessible for everyone, with no storage limits. Our files, folders, and treasured memories need to be kept safe, and what better way to keep them secure than on the cloud. It features unlimited online backup with no storage limits, a free scan and risk analysis, one click restore and military grade security with zero data caps. It displays your data in a Risk Index™ chart so you know exactly what you have at stake before you back up.

AnyProtect has a simple mission: to keep your files, folders and memories safe on the cloud, far away from harm and backed up securely. We know that files aren't just files: they are important documents, first birthdays and college essays. We are proud to have created a cost effective, highly secure, easy-to-use online backup system that boasts high performance data storage.

"AnyProtect has a simple mission:
to keep your files, folders & memories safe on the cloud, far away from harm and backed up securely."